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At North Dallas Legal our goal is to assist in solving and completing your legal needs in the most expeditious manner with the least amount of cost. “I noticed that senior citizens and businesses were essentially afraid to seek legal counsel in many situations, therefore I made it a goal to obtain my law degree in order to solve problems instead of making them worse.” Marilyn Walls Duncan, owner of North Dallas Legal, PLLC.

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North Dallas Legal specializes in Probate, Elder Law, Business & Corporate Law, Contract Law and Property Law!

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North Dallas Legal specializes in Estate Planning. Whether you’re in your senior years and are in need of organizing your estate or you are younger and beginning your career and/or family, we can assist in organizing your estate for the future. It is advantageous for younger individuals to begin planning their estate earlier in life, due to unknown circumstances that may present themselves. Whether it be for tax situations or to protect your loved ones in the future, North Dallas Legal can assist in all of your Estate Planning needs.

Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation concerning all your Estate Planning needs.

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At North Dallas Legal, we understand that one of the most personal concerns is an individuals Will and/or Trust in order to assure that their future wishes are met. Wills and Trusts are sometimes created with more uncertainties and problems than the individual realizes. Marilyn Walls Duncan prides herself in simplifying the process with her clients. Her philosophy and approach is that a clients Will or Trust not only must have all the legal standing that Texas law requires, but it must also be simplified to a degree that once the document becomes binding the decedent’s wishes are carried out with no conflicting legal issues. Along with Marilyn’s attention to content, she also understands that clients can be unfairly treated when it comes to costs concerning Wills and Trusts, therefore her communication with a client during their initial free consultation will be clear and concise with no hidden costs.

Whether you have a Will and/or Trust you need reviewed that may require a Codicil or a complete replacement or you are looking to have a Will and/or Trust prepared for the first time, contact North Dallas Legal for a free, no obligation, consultation.

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As we enter our golden years, our concerns shift to securing our future. Whether you are planning for your future alone or you are concerned that your family may not understand your needs as you move into your elder years, North Dallas Legal can assist in legally navigating you into your golden years. There are many uncertainties as to what is needed to protect your finances and to secure medical decisions as we grow older. Elder Law is the primary reason that Marilyn Walls Duncan established her law practice. Throughout her years in business, she witnessed many senior citizens lose their estates and receive inefficient medical care due unprepared legal documents.

Documents such as Wills and Trusts can be essential is securing you and your loved ones needs and wishes as you venture into your elder years and in order to protect your medical needs, the difference between a few documents can stand in between serious and minor medical decisions.

Marilyn Walls Duncan would be glad to meet with you for a free, no obligation consultation in order to review all your elder law concerns.

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Contracts are the glue that bind every business deal in the world and if a contract is structured with language that does not efficiently represent and protect ones needs, there more than likely will be problems. Whether it be a business or corporate agreement, a consumer contract or simple agreement personally between parties, North Dallas Legal can assist. With 75 years of combined business experience, North Dallas Legal has the expertise to handle all your contractual needs.

Whether you require an existing contract reviewed or a new contract formulated for your business or personally, North Dallas Legal can accommodate your every contractual need with competent business and legal expertise.

Contact North Dallas Legal for a free, no obligation consultation concerning your contractual needs.

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A business can entail a wide array of many legal situations. Most law firms and many attorneys understand business statutes, but the staff at North Dallas Legal has decades of business and corporate hands on experience along with understanding legal business issues. Regardless of your legal business needs, North Dallas Legal can assist in organizing your new business entity, whether it be a corporation, partnership, LLC, or sole proprietorship and with existing business issues and needs, such as restructuring, contracts or legal growth needs.

Due to the fact that our staff at North Dallas Legal has many decades of business ownership experience, we understand that lawsuits can be too costly for a small business to endure. There are many cost effective alternatives to business litigation, whether you are on the receiving side of a lawsuit or potential lawsuit or are in need of seeking justice from a business deal gone array, North Dallas Legal can assist.

If you have a legal business issue that you would like to discuss with us in a free, no obligation consultation or are in need of forming a new business or restructuring an existing business, contact us immediately.

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Whether it be residential, commercial or industrial property, North Dallas Legal can assist in your property law needs. Buying, selling and owning any type of property can entail excessive legal costs. At North Dallas Legal our philosophy is to minimize the costs of legal property issues that may arise. Whether it be contractual, easements, encroachments, property closing reviews or any other property issue or need that arises, contact North Dallas Legal.

For a free, no obligation property law consultation call North Dallas Legal.

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UbioGrow & Radio Personality

Marilyn handled several legal issues for me in business and my personal life. What would have cost me tens of thousands of dollars for small business issues were resolved for a fraction of that. Her business professionalism and attention to getting a resolution helped me continue with my business ventures. Thanks Marilyn. It was truly appreciated.

RIP Tom, you were an inspiration to both me and my husband, Marilyn Walls Duncan…

Otis Schulte
Gerald Development Association

We had an individual commit fraud on a non-profit association. Without Marilyn and Ricks legal and business expertise, we would have lost all the money in the association and her fees were reasonable wherein it was cost effective. This organization was and is a vital asset to the betterment of our city. Without it, many projects would have been lost. Great job Marilyn.

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 3.06.34 PM
Kimmie Hensen

I have had the pleasure with working with Mrs. Marilyn Duncan on a few cases.  She provide excellent service and kept me informed on all aspects of my case.  The first case is still ongoing and she is professional and always willing to listen to me anytime about the case.  The second case came with great results on the outcome.  I couldn’t have been happier with her professionalism and work ethics.

Our Family Estate!

Thanks for all you have done and are doing for our family’s estate and our dad’s LLC. You are a Godsend!

Christy Porter

Thanks for setting up my new business Marilyn. You were reasonably priced and everything was perfect.

NDL round
Debra Carter
Special Needs for Child and Will
Houston, TX

I was at my wit’s end when I met Marilyn and I just want the world to know that she has been and is a God sent blessing for me and my family. She has handled my legal affairs in a very proficient, professional and ethical manner. I would definitely recommend her for your legal advice and rest assured and know that it will be handled.

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